Vardar Consulting Ltd
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Development Consultancy;

Design Management and Coordination;

Project and Construction Management;

Monitoring and Reporting.


Development Consultancy:

Vardar Consulting provides a full range of services that address all aspects of a new development – planning, design, construction, fit-out, commissioning and sale. We deliver added value by maximizing Client purchasing power, by relieving project bottlenecks and by employing state-of-the-art systems and technologies to keep within set schedules and budgets. We work with our Clients' financial and physical constraints and create the optimal solution. Our activities include:

· Project assessment;

· Project valuation;

· Strategic planning;

· Methodology development;

· Project selection and facilitation.


Monitoring and Reporting:

· Evaluation of project documentation including design documents, contracts, cost plans, approvals, etc.;

· Project evaluation reporting;

· Site visits;

· Organization and chairing of regular design and site meetings;

· Review of payment documentation including variations and claims;

· Project monitoring reporting.

Design Management and Coordination:

Management of design is a continuous effort of balancing art with functionality, where the goal is to deliver the product without time and cost overruns. An incorrect or incomplete Client design brief, an unfortunate choice of designer, architect or engineer, lack of communication between design teams and Client and the like bring forth irreparable damages to project schedules and budgets. Vardar Consulting stands next to its Clients in all stages of design to get the functionality sorted out first as quickly as possible to leave ample time for the design team to apply their artistic license later on. We deliver:

· Preparation of design tender documents;

· Analysis of bids;

· Architectural and engineering management;

· Application of local norms and regulations;

· Design coordination;

· Management of working design and shop drawings;

· Design review;

· Value engineering.

Project and Construction Management:

Vardar Consulting supplies extraordinary procurement solutions to challenging projects where a tight schedule is required and or when there exist complex technical or business needs of Clients to be managed with a limited cost plan. Our company can also provide turnkey construction and project management services in all areas demanding additional expertise. Our services include:

· Project phasing and packaging;

· Preparation of construction tender documents;

· Analysis of bids;

· Selection and evaluation of contractors;

· Contract administration;

· Variations and claims management;

· Dispute resolution;

· Resource planning;

· Cost estimation and budgeting;

· Cost control;

· Document management;

· Performance measurement;

· Site supervision;

· Testing and commissioning management;

· QA/QC.